the first ROS 2 native robotic arm

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the first ROS 2 native robotic arm

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the first ROS 2 native robotic arm

The European Robotic Arm Forum 2019, taking place in Bucharest on March 20th-22nd, will be a great opportunity to meet MARA robotic arm in action. MARA is the first collaborative robot (cobot) running ROS 2 natively in each of its components, which makes this industrial robotic arm completely modular and extensible.

The modularity approach is the centre of Acutronic Robotics’ proposal. This young robotics startup founded in late 2016 is punching strongly in the market, thanks to the H-ROS technology. Developed after years of R&D, the H-ROS SoM (System on Module) is a small device that enables making any robotic component ROS2 native, and thus interoperable with other parts running the Robot Operative System.

“ROS is the de facto standard for robot application development. We estimate that more than 90% of the robotics research community is already working with ROS and its fastly transfering into the industrial world. Robotics startups like ourselves, but also big players like Google, Amazon or Bosch are pushing hard for ROS, because we understand that robots being able to speak to each other and to humans in a common language is the key to the future down the road”, says Victor Mayoral, who contributed to ROS 2 on its early stage as a young PhD candidate in California back in 2014 and has now made this technology the centerpiece of Acutronic Robotics as its CEO.

Born in 2016, the robotics company welcomed the Japanese Sony to its board in 2017, achieving multi-million support to develop its technology. Just recently, Victor Mayoral (CEO of Acutronic Robotics) has been welcomed to take part in ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee, together with representatives from Amazon, Arm, Bosch, Intel or Microsoft among others.

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